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About the podcast

Sick Sad World is a bi-weekly podcast on the dark and macabre. Co-Hosts Mari and Jasmine will take on grisly murders, spooky ghost stories, alien tales, and all things creepy, bringing their unique perspectives and (hopefully) witty banter. New episodes every other Friday!

Sick Sad World is produced independently by Mari and Jasmine. They do all recording, editing, research, and promotions. It is one of the few true crime podcasts hosted by POC and one of the first true crime podcasts to have an openly disabled host.


Where to listen

Sick Sad World is available on:

The Hosts

Photo by Darryl Pezzack Photography

Mari Ramsawakh is a nonbinary and disabled writer, model, and activist. They write about race, gender, sexuality and ability when they aren’t checking their closet for monsters.

Jasmine Patterson is a digital artist, lazy gamer, and natural-hair enthusiast. She is also a low-key,  self-proclaimed fashion admirer, and someone who has an interest in human rights and politics.

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