Trailer Transcript

[Overlapping fragments of three different voices. Fragments like “Knock, knock”, “oh gawh b’y” “outside of the diaspora”, “Akeem tumbled through the branches”, “I feel a chill seeping into my room as my muscles tighten”, “it felt as though something had caught him”]

Clif: It’s a kind of a patois, a little bit of creole word that we use in Guyana to describe any sort of spirit.

Dev: Being a queer, diasporic Caribbean person, I’m very disconnected from Caribbean culture because of the estrangement I have from family. 

Patrick: Like you might think it’s an Ariana Grande song but it’s actually about demon possession. 

Clif: A lot of the other stories from the Caribbean and Africa are strictly oral tradition

Patrick: Why can I not process my own grief through horror? And to kind of like play with the idea of queerness and what chosen family actually is. 

Clif: This is my Jumbie story. 

Hello and welcome to Jumbie with your hosts: myself, Clif Knight, and Dev Ramsawakh. 

Dev: On Jumbie we’re going to hear dark and haunting stories from local storytellers that are inspired or about the spirits, monsters, and other cryptids from colonized places.

Clif: These are stories that don’t often get to be told on larger stages. Not everyone grows up with stories of vampires and werewolves, or at least like the ones you can buy books about. 

Dev: Then we’ll sit in conversation with our storyteller to explore their relationship with their story, with horror, and how colonization ties into any of that. 

Clif: We’re going to have storytellers from across the greater Toronto area with different cultural backgrounds from different kinds of communities. 

Dev: We have drag queens Tifa Wine or Ryan Persadie and Ms Nookie Galore or Patrick Salvani.

Clif: First Nations rapper Wiidaaseh, performer, vocalist and motivational speaker Ms Tania Lou.

Dev: And writer W. H. Vigo, among others who will be joining us as guests. 

Clif: The stories they have to share are dark and haunting. You don’t want to miss it. 

Dev: We’ll be releasing episodes bi-weekly starting October 27. Be sure to find us and subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts. 

Clif: More information and transcripts of all episodes will be available on under podcasts.