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Cripresentation is a podcast highlighting queer and trans disabled artists and their work, specifically centring Black, Indigenous and other people of colour.

Note: The name of the podcast comes from the reclaimed slur, “cripple” which was often and is sometimes still used against disabled people to dehumanize and devalue us. Not all disabled people reclaim that slur, and not all of our guests will self-identify that way.

Episode 4: Syrus Marcus Ware Cripresentation

In this episode, I interviewed Syrus Marcus Ware, a Black, trans, disabled, MAD, queer artist and activist. He is a visual artist, performance artist, and a core member of Black Lives Matter Toronto. Together, we discuss defunding the police and prison abolition, their work in responding to COVID-19, the connection between Disability Justice and Black Liberation, and parenting as a Black disabled trans artist. Transcript: Black Lives Matter Canada: Music: "Rules Were Meant to Be Broken" by LAL
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