Speaking Engagements, Workshops, and Panels

A Conversation on Queerness and Disability (for RSU)
December 9, 2021– Co-Facilitator

December Sex Salon: Sexuality, Disability, and Gender Nonconformity: Turning to Archives of Medicine, Education, and Cultural Production
December 9, 2021 – Panelist

Telling Our Stories Through TikTok (for Thatz Showbiz)
December 4, 2021 – Co-Facilitator

O’Grady’s Open Mic
December 2, 2021 – Comic

Autism Support Groups (for CESAX)
November 27 and 30, 2021 – Co-Facilitator

Ableism in Language (Panel for HB Foundation)
November 9, 2021 – Moderator

De-Radicalization of Queer Identity (for York Federation of Students)
October 29, 2021 – Panelist

Diaspora Dialogues: In Conversation with Amanda Leduc and Shayda Kafai
September 26, 2021 – Moderator

Unpacking Ableism: What are you talking about? (Panel for HB Foundation)
September 23, 2021 – Panelist

Unpacking Ableism for Halifax Youth Project
September 10, 2021 – Co-Facilitator

Unpacking Ableism for Fresh Restaurants
July 22, 2021 – Co-Facilitator

Slumber Party/Filmmaker Q&A
May 30, 2021 – Panelist

RAFF Comedy Night
May 27, 2021 – TikTokker

Accessibility and Organizing
A resource developed by Dev Ramsawakh and Kate Welsh on Unpacking Ableism for YouthOrganize.

Let’s Talk Sex and Disability: Multiple and Converging Identities (with HB Foundation)
Apr 28, 2021 – Panelist

Disabled on Screen: Learning about disability stereotypes and representation
Apr 26, 2021 – Facilitator
A presentation for grade 4 students on disabled stereotypes in media

Making Spaces (Part 2) @ Myseum of Toronto
Mar 18, 2021 – Panelist

Disabled and Queer Community Art Circle
Nov 18, 2020 – Facilitator
A community arts space for queer and disabled students to express themselves and find community.

Dear Everybody Panel on disability representation in media (with HB Foundation)
Sep 10, 2020 – Panelist
A virtual panel discussion to unpack the current state of disability representation and why it’s so important to include people with disabilities in our media landscape.

Balancing Identity: A Roundtable Discussion (for Brown Girl Diaries)
Jun 27, 2020 – Panelist
A roundtable discussion between queer Indo-Caribbean artists, scholars, and influencers about navigating the nuances of intersections of their identities, representation, and more.

Story Development (Online workshop for D-Next)
Jun 24, 2020 – Facilitator
This workshop for disabled creators through the D-Next program broke down the elements of a story in order to create a storytelling process to develop new ideas for creation.

Intro to Podcasting for Queer Youth (Online workshop with Griffin Centre)
May 11-14, 2020 – Facilitator
A four day workshop on the practical skills and techniques of DIY podcasting. The workshop series covered podcast development, production, and distribution.

Unpacking Ableism in Queer Communities
February 1, 2020 – Facilitator
This version of the Unpacking Ableism workshop was designed for the Lead with Pride conference which brings together 2SLGBTQIA+ students from across different campus organizations to build leadership skills.

Unpacking Ableism in the Queer Community (Webinar)
January 14, 2020 – Co-facilitator

LIVE SHOW: Vampire Ball @ Friday Night Live
November 29, 2019 – Producer, Co-host
Sick Sad World is a podcast on the dark and macabre. Join hosts Mari and Jasmine as they bring their unique perspectives and witty banter to the topic of blood-sucking creatures. This event was in partnership with ReelAbilities Film Festival.

Cripresentation: Disability Representation in Podcasting
November 17, 2019 – Moderator
This panel brought together disabled creators Andrew Gurza of Disability After Dark podcast, Kate Welsh of Reframing Difference podcast, and Midnight of Y’all Got Me podcast to talk about disability representation, challenges, and positives in podcasting.

Unpacking Ableism in the Queer Community
August 24, 2019 – Co-facilitator
The CRIP Collective presents a special Bricks & Glitter version of their Unpacking Ableism workshop! Unpacking Ableism addresses ableism within an intersectional framework, defines accessibility and accommodations, facilitates conversations around DIY access, and helps participants to unpack ableism and engage meaningfully with anti-ableist discourse. This workshop is meant to create awareness of the importance of access and universal design specifically in queer spaces.

Unpacking Ableism for CUPE3903
March 4, 2019 – Co-facilitator

Unpacking Ableism for PPT
Jul 4, 2019 – Co-facilitator
This workshop was created for youth volunteers from Planned Parenthood Toronto’s PEAK program.

No Disability Justice, No Peace Workshop @ Hart House, Equity 20-20 Summit
Mar 17, 2019 – Facilitator

The Importance of Sexual Health Group Discussion @ AIDS Committee of Durham Region, PoC to the Future
Feb 15, 2019 – Facilitator

Unpacking Ableism: DIY Access
November 18, 2018 – Co-facilitator
This workshop was a condensed version of our Unpacking Ableism workshop that was tailored for Toronto’s maker community. We also discussed the different ways that makers and organizers can improve accessibility through design and collaboration.

Art As Social Practice Panel with Paperhouse Outreach Collective @ Cederbrae Library
Sep 9, 2018

Unpacking Ableism
August 18, 2018 – Co-facilitator
This workshop addressed ableism within an intersectional framework, defined accessibility and accommodations, and helped participants to unpack ableism and engage meaningfully with anti-ableist discourse. This workshop is meant to address ableism not just within customer/client interactions, but within general interpersonal relationships.

Chronic Pain & Disability @ Playground Conference
February 25, 2018 – Panelist
This panel discussed how living with a chronic illness or disability affects various parts of life around sex and sexuality. Topics touched on included dating, accessibility issues, being seen as sexy, and more.

Nuanced Conversations @ Playground Conference
February 25, 2018 – Panelist
This session was a guided conversation on sexual and reproductive health from a cross-cultural perspective. Writers, artists, and educators from Nuance sat down to answer questions on how newcomer, immigrant, and second generation experiences inform the needs that affects sexual health, from relationships to sexuality to access to care.

Thinking About Inclusion @ The 519
March 14, 2018 – Co-Facilitator
This workshop discussed what ableism is, how it is perpetuated and what facilitators and educators can do to improve their programming and workshops to be more inclusive and accessible.