We Need to Stop Confusing Sex Work with Human Trafficking
An interview with Elene Lam, Executive Director of Butterfly explores why support for sex workers is necessary
August 29, 2018 on Nuance

So you think you’re funny?
Seven Toronto comedians talk hecklers, their careers, and the courage to start stand-up
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The Arrest of Bruce McArthur Will Not Save Toronto Police’s Relationship to 2SLGBTQ+ Community
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Landlords and tenants prepare for cannabis legalization
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Fentanyl-Laced Cannabis? Toronto’s Unfounded Fears Underscore the Need for Regulation
Concern spiked after an August safety alert from London, ON suggested that fentanyl could be found in cannabis.
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U of T releases “Guiding Principles” for sexual violence education and prevention
Report released following criticism of the university’s handling of sexual violence
July 31, 2017 on The Varsity

Confederate flags at Highland Creek Heritage Festival prompt complaints
UTSC, SCSU condemn incident
July 11, 2017 on The Varsity