Nonfiction Writing

Politics & Current affairs

The death of Colten Boushie was not an isolated incident
For CBC Docs POV

Envisioning different futures may be one way for low-income students to overcome barriers to success
For CBC’s The Passionate Eye

‘It’s like a global totalizing project’: Amazon is much more than just an online marketplace
For CBC’s The Passionate Eye

Sibling feuds are a Royal Family tradition
For CBC’s The Passionate Eye

We Need to Stop Confusing Sex Work with Human Trafficking
An interview with Elene Lam, Executive Director of Butterfly explores why support for sex workers is necessary
August 29, 2018 on Nuance

On Calling It What It Is: Misogyny and the Toronto Van Attack
What happened to Anne Marie D’Amico, Dorothy Sewell, Renuka Amarasingha, Munir Najjar, Chul Min (Eddie) Kang, Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Forsyth, Sohe Chung, Andrea Bradden, Geraldine Brady, Ji Hun Kim is a product of misogyny. Why aren’t more of us speaking up against it?
May 10, 2018 on Nuance

The Arrest of Bruce McArthur Will Not Save Toronto Police’s Relationship to 2SLGBTQ+ Community
TPS relationship with Toronto’s 2SLGBTQ+ community still strained following series of mishandled investigations
March 19, 2018 on Nuance

Can Landlords Ban Legal Cannabis? Here’s What the Law Says
Landlords and tenants prepare for cannabis legalization
January 17, 2018 on Leafly

Beyond Me Too: We Don’t Want Awareness, We Want Solutions
In response to the growing support of the #MeToo movement, this piece explores where we need to move forward
October 24, 2017 on Nuance

Fentanyl-Laced Cannabis? Toronto’s Unfounded Fears Underscore the Need for Regulation
Concern spiked after an August safety alert from London, ON suggested that fentanyl could be found in cannabis.
September 5, 2017 on Leafly

U of T releases “Guiding Principles” for sexual violence education and prevention
Report released following criticism of the university’s handling of sexual violence
July 31, 2017 on The Varsity

Confederate flags at Highland Creek Heritage Festival prompt complaints
UTSC, SCSU condemn incident
July 11, 2017 on The Varsity


Accidents happen: Why we need to get comfortable talking about incontinence in the bedroom
Overcoming stigma means better, more comfortable sex for everyone
Feb 10, 2022 for Xtra Magazine

White noise is the ideal sleeping aid for drowning out loud noise from city streets
White noise may not work for everyone, but numerous studies have shown that for some it can improve sleep quality and duration.
June 26, 2020 for Insider

These freaky creatures have adapted to survive in one of the world’s toughest habitats
For CBC’s The Nature of Things

Using salt in a healthy way: Tips for getting the right amount
For CBC’s The Nature of Things

Nova Scotian marine biologist follows the life and habits of the grey seals of Sable Island
For CBC’s The Nature of Things

Sable Island: The perfect home for grey seals
For CBC’s The Nature of Things

A single pill may be the key to overcoming many paralyzing fears
For CBC’s The Nature of Things

The science of the scare: Designing the perfect haunted house
For CBC’s The Nature of Things

Are edibles for everyone? What to consider before ingesting cannabis
February 21, 2019 on Leafly

Student-funded, space-bound
The University of Toronto Aerospace Team prepares to launch a satellite into space
October 30, 2017 on The Varsity

Art, media & pop culture

How ‘Sort Of’ is Making Canadian TV History
While representation is crucial in media, for those who are defined by their identities, representation needs to include stories that reflect all aspects of their lives. This is what makes Sort Of, an original series from CBC and HBO Max, feel so refreshingly new.
Dec 16, 2021 for Glossi Mag

Shayda Kafai’s ‘Crip Kinship’ traces a legacy of Sins Invalid’s disability justice activism
The Sins Invalid collective was instrumental in the evolution of the disability justice movement. A new book chronicles their history
Dec 8, 2021 for Xtra Magazine

How queer disabled artists are maintaining community during COVID-19
From crafting nights to play parties, these artists are getting creative
March 30, 2020 for Xtra Magazine

Comfort in the chaos: How Canadian true crime podcasts can help us connect
The best true crime centres empathy and ethical storytelling to help us make sense of terrible things
March 19, 2020 for CBC Arts

The Detectives will change how you think about true crime
‘One thing we put a very strict rule around is leave more space for emotion and less space for salacious’
December 27, 2019 for CBC’s The Detectives

From Victim to Survivor: A Critical Analysis
February 2019 for Grim Magazine (Issue No. 4, P. 21)

Brown, Queer, Disabled and Modelling
A Nuance writer explores the power and the hardships of modelling at the intersections of gender, ability, and race.
May 30, 2018 on Nuance

So you think you’re funny?
Seven Toronto comedians talk hecklers, their careers, and the courage to start stand-up
April 2, 2018 on The Varsity

Let’s Look at Erotica as a Legitimate Genre
Smut as literature
March 13, 2018 on Nuance

“iZombie” Teaches Us How to Show Up for Trauma Survivors
How the zombie virus became an analogy for the struggles and needs of trauma survivors
October 11, 2017 on Bitch Media

The ‘Miraculous Cure’ Trope Is Not The Disability Representation We Need
July 26, 2016 on The Establishment

lifestyle & Personal

I Could Have Escaped My Abuser Sooner If I Had Health Insurance
I’m disabled, and finally gaining access to affordable medical care was a crucial factor in making my partner leave.
March 28, 2022 on Chatelaine

How to survive a dystopia
Lessons from the disability justice movement
March 8, 2021 on This Magazine

The nuances of choosing your name as a transgender person of colour
For racialized trans people, finding a true name often can’t be separated from our relationship to our culture
June 23, 2020 on CBC Life

Society’s Adapting To Isolation. As A Disabled Person, I Hope The Changes Stick.
COVID-19 means accessibility has suddenly become everybody’s priority. It should stay that way.
April 13, 2020 on HuffPost Canada

How Cannabis Can Improve Your Sex Life If You Live with Chronic Pain
Everybody’s favorite green plant can help disabled people and those with chronic pain find intimacy with the comfort and pleasure they deserve
March 12, 2020 on Wear Your Voice Magazine

‘Holithey’ shopping: Amazing gifts by transgender or non-binary makers
Books, pins, prints and more that support local, emerging, super-talented artists
December 4, 2019 on CBC Life

Incontinence Is a Public Health Issue — And We Need to Talk About It
“I’ve lived with incontinence for all 25 years of my life, and I’ve yet to see my experiences reflected in any form of media.”
January 4, 2019 on them.

Why accessibility in the queer community is still a problem
Disabled queers want more than just to be able to get up the doorstep to your party. We want to be part of our community
June 26, 2018 on Xtra

My Indo-Caribbean cultural roots
A student tells the story of their heritage, community, and family
February 10, 2018 on The Varsity

Balancing Privilege
Exploring Power Dynamics in Intimate Relationships
December 13, 2017 on Nuance

How Callout Culture Can Become Toxic
Callouts can be used to bring attention to important issues, but with any callout there needs to be context.
October 20, 2017 on Wear Your Voice Magazine

Why LGBT spaces can be uncomfortable for queer people of colour
I thought I was supposed to try to be white if I wanted to accept my queerness. It didn’t occur to me that there were other queer POC hiding too
September 5, 2017 on Xtra (republished Oct 3, 2017 on The Body Is Not an Apology)