About Me


Photo by Darryl Pezzack Photography

Mari Ramsawakh is a digital marketer, writer, workshop facilitator, and podcaster. Their work focuses on social equity and inclusion. They have written for Xtra, Leafly, Nuance, and other publications. They have also written blog posts and managed social media for organizations such as The Word On The Street Toronto and Protellus. Mari also co-facilitates workshops on ableism with a collective called CRIP. Their fiction has been published in the Hart House Review, and they will be included in an upcoming anthology from Spacing Magazine called Toronto 2033. Mari is also co-host and producer of a podcast called Sick Sad World. They have also spoken at Playground Conference and Make Change Conference. Mari’s work is focused on increasing representation for racialized, queer, and disabled people in modelling, in journalism, and in other forms of media.

Want to work with Mari?

Contact Mari if you are looking for

  • a writer
  • an editor
  • a model
  • a workshop facilitator
  • podcast producer
  • or if you think that your project would interest them!

Write them at: mari.rams@indivisiblewriting.com

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