About Me

Image Description: A photo of a brown person smiling off to the side with a hand on their hip. They are standing in front of a peeling concrete wall with some light plant growth.
Photo by Jades Swadron (@jswadron)

I scoured libraries, bookstores and the internet for the stories I could relate to. I knew there had to be someone who shared my experiences. So I decided to be that person for someone else.

I’m a queer, disabled, genderfluid (they/them), first-gen Canadian freelance writer and editor. I’ve been published on The Establishment and the Hart House Review.

What do I write?

Non-Fiction: I write news reports, features, blog posts, essays, training and information resources, and web copy. I’m experienced in writing for marketing purposes, for educational purposes, and for entertainment purposes.

Fiction: I’ve written in most genres and experimented with a lot of styles, but my strengths lie in short genre stories. Ask me about my horror, science fiction, or fantasy stories.

But I don’t like to hog my gift for words. I’m not only a freelance writer, I’m also a freelance editor. I love to help clean up others’ writing while keeping the voice intact.

Want to work with me?

You should! I’m great to work with as long as you don’t mind intermittent bursts of talking about my cat. As cute as she is, your project will have all my focus and attention. I want to help you get your word out there. My belief is all about getting voices heard, not just my own.

Write me at: mari.rams@indivisiblewriting.com

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