Fluid (Video Short)

[Video Description: White title on a black screen: Fluid. A series of short video clips: Water being poured into a glass, drops of water running down a pane of glass, bubbles swirling in a blue-green fluid, brown hands tapping impatiently on a small coffee cup, a person in boots and holding a cane tapping their hands and feet, a brown person takes their long pink hair out of a ponytail and tying it back up, the silhouette of the same person settles down slowly into a chair, another clip of them balancing their cane on their hand, and a clip of waterfalls superimposed on the same silhouette standing back up again and walking away.]

Last month I got the opportunity to work with Re-Vision: Centre for Art and Social Justice and their Digital Storytelling team as part of the Invisibility to Inclusion (i2i) project. The purpose of the project is to explore the stories and experiences of people with episodic disability in the workplace. During this three-day workshop, I put together this video from concept to final product.

While the workshop focused on the workplace, I took the opportunity to tell another story. The writing is a little rough given the timeline, but I was trying to describe the way that all my identities seem to exist in some sort of middle ground. My gender, my sexuality, my cultural backgrounds, even my ability. None of my identities really feel concrete or firm. They can mean different things to me at any time.

It could be a lot better, I’m sure, but I’m proud of my first attempt working with video in a few years. This is definitely a theme I’d like to explore again.

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