What’s So Indivisible?: Identity, Community and Content Creation

I haven’t really addressed the identity of my website and the origins of the name. There isn’t a very elaborate story to explain the name, but the concept of the company has been stewing in my brain for years.

The Intent

When I was very young I knew I was going to have something to do with books when I was older. I was so sure I was going to be a librarian or a teacher or writer. As I grew older and started to learn more about the process of creating book and curating them I decided I would rather be on the creating side of the project rather than the coveting.

It wasn’t until I stepped inside my local queer bookstore several years ago that I realized that I needed to start creating content. As I walked past full shelves dedicated to gay and lesbian focused literature and found myself standing in front of a lonely single shelf for bisexual related literature. Upon this shelf laid volumes of threesome erotica, texts on non-monogamy, and a select few books on queer theory.

After a discussion with one of the staff members it came to light that it wasn’t for lack of trying: there just wasn’t enough literature out there.

This goes not just for bisexual literature, but for books about characters with disabilities, genderqueer characters, characters of colour that doesn’t center around blatant and malignant racism.

I knew there was a gap between what was being produced and what actually represents the current population in all its intersectional way, so I decided that I wanted to be one of the people trying to bridge. I wanted to create content that I needed when discovering myself.

The Plan

So it’s not enough to just decide you want to create content, you need to know what kind of content, who your audience is and so many other variables. I actually spent a number of years with this project on the back burner as I churned through different project ideas.  I put off getting started for a long time because of that.

So to avoid this project falling into the category of thing I never started I created a three step plan to start putting content out there. It pretty much goes as follows:

Step One: Get Experience

Sure some of the greatest startups began at the start of the creator’s career but origin stories like that just aren’t always doable. You have to start seeing the steps for all the tiny minutiae and the only way to do that is to spend time getting experience in the field.

I’m currently in this phase of the plan. This is the part of the plan where I work on growing as both a writer and an editor, through both online and print content. That’s why I’m enrolled in an editing certificate program and am building up my portfolio by taking on multiple short term and smaller projects, while I research more into the rest of the plan.

This is the part where you have to remind yourself that all this effort is going somewhere.

Step Two: Starting a Publication

As I fumble further along into the first step of my plan, the more I have been thinking about the second. Before I began step one, I had no idea what kind of content I really wanted to focus. I just knew there were a lot of voices not being given a platform and I wanted to change that. Now that I know more about writing, editing, and publishing, I’ve come to find myself planning out some of the smaller details on the first project I plan to launch.

Though I won’t get into the specifics now, this phase of the plan will be focused on getting that first publication out there and seeing the response to it. I already have an idea of what the genre will be and what the focus will be and how I plan to develop the content.

Heck, I’ve already started putting analysis together in order to begin piecing out what the exact steps I have to take before I even get to this step.

Step Three: Becoming Something Bigger

Since I already know that I won’t be satisfied with just one publication, even if it is recurring, I’ve already started to think about the expansion possibilities. The best part of starting your own business, is that you there are practically unlimited possibilities for where your company can go and you are the one in charge.

Since I don’t just want to publish myself over and over, and I want to help raise people’s voice when they’re not being I decided that I would need to expand into a larger publishing house. Since my publications are going to be about non-popularized identities anyways, I want to help publish artists and writers alike to start forcing more representation into the literary world.

I think it’s about time.

The Name

So what does any of this have to do with the name of my company? Well it began simply because I wanted to find a title that would speak to any kind of invisible or mid-spectrum identities. The word invisible really stuck in my head.

I ended up coming up with Indivisible because I realized that the reason I needed to see myself represented in more books was become I couldn’t separate these parts of my from myself. I can never walk away from it and they will always be a part of my life.

The name ended up working out very well because I soon discovered that with a few well-placed symbols I could still honor the Indivisible parts of myself, but also the Invisible aspects as well.


Because even if you are invisible, you still can’t be divided into anything other than parts of you.

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