My Talent is a Privilege

2 thoughts on “My Talent is a Privilege”

  1. Thank you for writing this–I think you bring up some important and challenging points that all writers–but especially writers within the sphere of leftist activism–need to consider very carefully. For that matter, I think you bring up some points that need to be considered not only by writers, but by speakers, since speech as much or more than writing is subject to selective silencing or amplification based on a person’s skill (articulation, eloquence) and identity.

    I wonder, though–what are your feelings about the differences between speech privilege and writing privilege in terms of consent? Meaning, if you and I are conversing face-to-face, and you raise a point, social convention prevents me from ignoring your point and pretending you didn’t speak it. On the other hand, if you write an article for your blog, or for a news outlet, I can easily choose not to read it and go read something else instead. Because of this, I feel like the relationship between writer and reader is more consensual than the relationship between speaker and listener. Do you feel like this lessens the impact of writing privilege as compared to speech privilege?


    1. That’s a good point! I wrote specifically about writing privilege as I actually have a hard time articulating speech. In fact it can be very difficult for me to just say the words correctly.

      When it comes to speech, I think it’s a lot more complicated. Writing can have an easier impact because we can create visuals and we can take the time to ensure that we’re always using inclusive and clear language. Social convention may tell us that we shouldn’t ignore spoken points, but there are plenty of people who can tell you that doesn’t stop them from getting silenced. At least with written words we can at least have proof of what was said, whereas with speech if it isn’t addressed immediately, it often gets forgotten.

      I think in the end it all depends on the purpose and the message, what would have the most impact.

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